Topic: 8.1 Transport Planning: General

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A Model of travelling to Shop with Congestion Costs

This paper models the endogenous frequency of shopping in a linear town, where the costs of travel and parking are affected by the degree of congestion. A simple model of rival shopping centres is also used to illustrate trip diversion and trip generation, when the parking provision of one centre is improved.

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Chaos Theory and Spatial Dynamics

The paper aims to link chaos theory to spatial interaction analysis. Lags are incorporated. It is shown that unstable systems behaviour may emerge for particular lag values. The theoretical analysis is illustrated by means of various simulation experiments.

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Modelling trip Frequency as a Poisson Variable

The Negative Binomial distribution, a generalisation of the Poisson distribution, is found to be useful in constructing a statistical model of trip frequency. It indicates that expenditure is a more important variable than the number of individuals in the household.

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