Topic: 12.1 Surface Passenger

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The Cost of Bus Operations in Norway

This study investigates the efficiency of Norwegian bus companies. The developed model permits the consideration of the effects on costs for differences in scale, technological conditions, ownership structure and subsidy policy.

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The Effects of Bus Deregulation on Costs

This paper attempts to explain how published cost savings have been achieved and particularly the impact of changes in wages and working practices within the context of deregulation and privatisation. Amongst metropolitan PTCs almost 19 per cent of a total unit cost reduction of 31 per cent was achieved by productivity improvements. Reductions in wages can only account for 4-8 per cent of cost savings while non-labour costs account for less than 5 per cent. The process of privatisation may be the most influential factor in reducing costs.

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transport in Towns. Some of the Options

Increasing use of cars and decentralisation of activities will continue. The resulting deterioration in public transport causes hardship to those without access to a car, including some members of car-owning households. The author considers some ways of mitigating or slowing down these trends.

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Labour Costs and Taxi Supply in Melbourne

The non-progressive taxicab industry survives and may be able to expand because there has been a relative decline in the quality and the real wages of drivers and in the prices of new motor vehicles. Further research is suggested.

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