Topic: 12.3 Shipping

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Statistical Cost Functions for Dry Bulk Carriers

Statistical estimation of cost functions for sea transport in dry bulk carriers indicates that the effect of distance on freight rates is less than it appears to be in engineering cost functions. This is important for cost-benefit analysis of port projects.

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Economics and International Liner Services

An examination of the system of conferences to control charges by cargo liners. The author concludes that conferences do not maximise profits and that the rate structure is too arbitrary to deter competition; rates based on costs of carriage plus a normal profit would serve the needs of trade much better.

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The Turn-Round of Cargo Liners and its Effect upon Sea-transport Costs

This is a study of the costs of a defined cargo liner, with the object of discovering to what extent the true costs – as distinct from the market rates – of moving freight and passengers by sea are affected by differences in turn-round time and route length. A method of shadow prices is used and the results help one to judge how far it is worth spending money in other directions in order to improve turn-round time.

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