Topic: 10. Location And employment

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Commuter travel into Central London

An analysis of the main factors influencing the proportions of male and female workers who travel to from each borough in the area. For males the most important variable is the social class composition of the borough ; for females journey time and accessibility of local employment are more important.

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Myth, Reality and employment in London

employment in London reached a peak in 1962 or 1963, and then fell consistently for 20 years, but seems to have been rising again since 1982 or 1983. employment is now mainly professional and administrative. Rail transport is the only effective way to move the large numbers involved.

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Telecommunications and travel. Substitution or Modified Mobility?

Telecommunications will modify travel patterns, but it is not likely to have much effect on the total volume of travel. Some journeys will become unnecessary, but business associates will eventually need to meet; people will want to move, if only from boredom; and recreational travel may increase when there is more leisure.

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