Topic: 5.1 Highways

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The Case for a Public Road Authority

The paper argues for a public Road Authority owning the highway infrastructure and holding debt. Present provisions for private roads lead to large distortions, and are unlikely to encourage private investment.

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A Simulation of Price Discriminating Tolls

A computer simulation is used to compared uniform tolls on a congested facility against a price-discriminating toll scheme. The simulation illustrates that consumers would gain from discriminatory tolls. Price-discriminating user fees on crowded facilities with rationing by queues should be given due consideration.

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How to Franchise Highways

The current methods of franchising highways in America have been devised in haste. The project should first be defined and then guided through environmental approval by an independent state body. It could then be auctioned, and the winning bidder would complete the final design, finance, construct and operate the highway.

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travel Demand Forecasts and the Evaluation of Highway Schemes under Congested Conditions

An equilibrium model is used to explore the relationship between traffic forecasts and highway investment benefits under changes in variables such as car ownership, economic activity and travel costs. Failure to incorporate the effects of cost changes may lead to substantial overestimation of both traffic volumes and measures of user benefits over the lifetime of a project. The implications for conventional methods of highway appraisal are considered.

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The Prospects for Privatising Infrastructure. Lessons from US Roads and Solid Waste

While the private sector may be able to build facilities faster and operate them at lower cost, other considerations are equally important. The debate over cost advantages, moreover, often fails to distinguish between those savings that are net efficiency gains to society as a whole and those that represent transfers. To investigate these issues, this paper contrasts the US experience in the privatisation of highways and solid waste disposal facilities.

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