Topic: 20. Economic Development

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Port Development and National Planning Strategy: The Implications of the Portbury Decision

The authors maintain that the British Government’s decision to reject the Portbury scheme and to concentrate container berths at Tilbury and Liverpool and on the Clyde will accentuate congestion and industrialisation along the north-south “transport corridor”, thus frustrating the policy of encouraging development in other regions. Throughout the world estuarine sites are increasingly attractive, and it is suggested that Portbury could be another Rotterdam.

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Zambia’s Outlet to the Sea. A Case Study in Colonial transport Development

This article contains a brief survey of the way in which political and monopolistic factors influenced the development of the railway system in Rhodesia before the creation of Zambia. the problems that now face Zambia in view of the radical change in her political and economic situation have led to proposals to build a new rail outlet to the sea, which has been the subject of conflicting reports.

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