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An Economic Analysis of Fuel Use per Kilometre by Private Cars

The author analyses the fuel efficiency of private cars in relation to both technical characteristics and the socio-economic characteristics of the drivers for a sample of Dutch drivers. The age and profession of the driver, and fuel prices, have more significant effects than the gender and income of the driver, or the annual or commuting mileage.

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he Effect of Personal Characteristics on Drivers’ Speed Selection: An Economic Approach

This paper develops simple models of drivers’ speed selection behaviour both with and without the influence of speed limits using data from a section of rural road in Norway. The results indicate the importance of a number of personal characteristics on drivers’ speed selection behaviour, including age, driving experience, attitudes towards travel time savings, and perceptions of enforcement and penalties. Moral hazard effects may also be present.

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Fuel Economy Standards and Automobile Prices

US law requires cars produced by each manufacturer to comply with average standards of fuel economy. The authors find that relative prices of large and small cars were adjusted during 1978 and 1979, but that in 1980 the standard was met through alterations in model characteristics and through changes in demand towards smaller cars.

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